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jeudi 17 février 2011

Vraiment? Paul Mara?

Vraiment? Il est ben bon dans la série Bored to Death, mais depuis le fameux vidéo sur Youtube ci-dessous, il a négligé sa carrière de défenseur pour sa carrière d'acteur, de là son départ pour Anaheim cet été...

1 commentaire:

Sébastian Hell a dit…

Comme je l'ai écrit sur un site que tu refuses de visiter:

''Forget last year, we never got to see him. First he was injured, then he wasn't given a shot by Martin.

Everywhere he has played, he's had an impact. He's big, robust, and has a good shot. He's not super fast, so if it's a foot race between him and another guy, there may be a breakaway and he'll look bad, but his speed is average, not Gill-like. His strengths are his shot, his positioning, he can push guys from the front of the net - and he's an unbelievable team player/cheerleader - something Subban, for one, definitely needs.

Think of him as the Darche of the defense corps - can you picture Darche out of the line-up these days?''

Pour vrai, le jumeler à Subban, ça ferait des ravages.